Budget limitations are common with non-profit and charitable organizations. As a result, organizations often compromise on the need for an effective and attractive website. If you’re looking to create your own non-profit website, we recommend coming to Webspikel, Patna.

Those organizations that put a priority on the website can have see benefits like increased donations, better involvement from members and supporters, increased visibility and awareness for their cause, and improved promotion for organization events. All of these things can make it worth the time, effort, and cost to create an effective and attractive website.

Characteristics of Effective Non-Profit Websites: Before we get into the showcase of some of the best websites of non-profit and charity organizations, let’s take a look at what makes an organization’s website effective.

  • Clear Description of the Organization’s Purpose: Each non-profit organization exists for a certain purpose. Website visitors who are not familiar with the organization should be able to quickly get an idea of the purpose when visiting the site for the first time. Ideally the homepage alone will give visitors a basic idea of what the organization does, and then maybe a more detail description of the purpose is provided on a separate page.
  • Details of Those who are served by the Organization: In order to add a personal touch to the website, information should be shared about the people who are benefitting from the services provided by the organization. In some cases it may be cases where specific people are named or shown, and their stories are shared with the website visitors. In other cases it may be more general information about the audience served, sometimes using numbers and statistics to show the organization’s impact. Photos can also be very powerful and moving, and help to show the impact of the organization. Many effective non-profit websites include photos of the people who are being helped by the organization, which adds a personal touch and makes it easier for website visitors to feel a connection and an impact.
  • Information About How to Get Involved: Almost every non-profit organization is highly dependent on the involvement of people and groups. This primarily includes volunteer work and financial donations. Volunteer opportunities should be clearly listed so anyone who is interested is able to get involved. When it comes to financial involvement, most organizations now make it possible for visitors to donate online. Information should also be provided to inform potential donors how their financial gifts will be used. Some organizations provide details of different projects and allow donors to choose how they get involved (an example would be the many organizations that allow you to sponsor a specific child through that you select through their website).
  • History of the Organization: The story of the organization will also be important to some website visitors and potential donors. Most effective non-profit websites will include some sort of bio or history of how the organization came about, and any relevant accomplishments or stories of growth.
  • Details on Upcoming Events: Most organizations use events for fundraising, awareness, encouraging involvement, as well as for service. The organization’s website should list relevant details about upcoming events so that people can get involved in events that interest them.

Quality Design: Of course, the best websites are also well designed. Having a quality design includes the overall visual appeal and the user experience. Regardless of the industry, quality design is essential in order to maximize the impact of the website. Good designs come in a wide variety of forms, and in the showcase below you’ll see plenty of examples. If you are looking for Quality website design for NGO’s, Webspikel is there for you.

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